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Experience the Warmth of Home with Leya and Buster Candles

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I know, I know. I haven’t written one of these introductory blog posts for a couple of weeks, but I am back and I am here to bring you a fabulous little business that I think you are going to love.

I actually discovered this business when the lovely Sharon (of Holidays Please) did her Made in Ulceby Takeover back in September 2020, and they were a part of it. They are, as the title gives away…Leya and Buster

So, what do Leya and Buster do?

Leya and Buster has a fantastic range of luxury home fragrance products that are all hand poured from their home work shop, which as is based in Ulceby, Lincolnshire.

They specialise in creating wooden wick candles, which is definitely my personal favourite type of candle.

If you’ve never experienced wooden wick candles, I highly recommend giving them a try.

I’ve heard them be referred to as “Crackle Candles”, which I think matches them perfectly due to the fact that when the wooden wick burns it crackles softly and sounds very much like a log fire. So, if you’re really into ASMR or love the sound of a log fire, these are 100% for you.

Their premium wood wick candles are all hand poured in luxury glassware. They feature our unique crackling wooden wicks which set the mood & enhances the character of the candle. All while providing you with a delightful fragrance.

They have a new range of carefully selected scents including blooming florals, rich oriental scents, fresh and fruity scents. Be assured that you will find something unique & to suit all kinds of taste, which is great because I think we’ll all agree that candles and wax melts are incredibly subjective; some of us love the stronger scents that fill the home, whilst others prefer more subtle notes.

Here’s a peak at what they have on offer…

Where to Find Leya and Buster

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