If you're seeking a unique holiday experience along the breathtaking east coast, Holiday Staycations is the ideal starting point. Nestled on Humberston Fitties, located on the edge of Cleethorpes, this destination offers a remarkable getaway.

Humberston Fitties is a cherished conservation area situated in the seaside town of Cleethorpes, in Lincolnshire, England. Here, you'll encounter picturesque beach huts and chalets that exude charm and history.

Originally established in the early 20th century as holiday homes for factory workers from nearby Grimsby, the Fitties now comprises a collection of small, colorful, and distinctive chalets. Many of these chalets are privately owned, serving as holiday retreats and weekend getaways for those seeking respite from the demands of modern life.

The chalets are arranged in rows, separated by narrow lanes, creating an atmosphere of quaintness and allure. Surrounding the Fitties, you'll find sand dunes, salt marshes, and grassy areas, all contributing to a peaceful setting for visitors.

The area's vibrant architecture has captured the hearts of photographers and artists, making it a focal point for local-inspired art available in nearby shops. Humberston Fitties is also renowned for its stunning sunrises and serves as a popular spot for leisurely walks along the beach.

Let's delve into the enchanting chalets awaiting you:

Periwinkle Beach Cottage: Immerse yourself in a seaside-themed chalet that accommodates up to four guests. This cozy retreat features an equipped kitchen, a dining area, a living room with a TV, and a private patio area furnished with outdoor seating. Moreover, it's just a short stroll away from the beach.

Nancy's Beach House: This chalet pays homage to its previous owner, Nancy, who resided here for many years. With a traditional beach house design, it comfortably accommodates up to four guests. Inside, you'll find an equipped kitchen, a dining area, a living room with a TV, and a private patio area complete with outdoor furniture. As with the other chalets, it's only a brief walk from the beach.

The Little Haven: Perfect for couples seeking a cozy retreat, this rustic chalet is the smallest of the three and can accommodate up to two guests. It offers an equipped kitchen, a dining area, a living room with a TV, and a private patio area adorned with outdoor furniture. Positioned near the beach, it provides a beautiful view of the surrounding area.
If you're interested in booking a staycation, simply visit the Holiday Staycations website, where you can explore more details about each chalet, including pricing, availability, and the booking process. It's a fantastic resource to help you plan your next UK-based break.

Feel free to inquire if you have any further questions or require additional assistance.


Humberston Fitties, Humberston, Grimsby, UK

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