Hello, my name is Demi, and I am a growing holistic therapist with a passion for understanding and healing emotions, mind, body and soul.

My journey as a Holistic Therapist started in 2014 when I found reiki whilst seeking alternative medicine/therapy to help with my anxiety and deep trauma.

I loved how it made me feel so relaxed and in in tune with my body, this led me to become a qualified reiki master, with over 6 years of experience.

I have seen a huge shift in myself and my life and have become thirsty to learn everything about our bodies, from phycological, to physical,  emotional,  and energetically, and then how they all tie together, not just from people's experiences but the science behind it all.

I have become more experienced and wise over the years and continue to grow each day. I decided to finally take that jump and help people the same way it continues to help me, to bring healing and hope.


My therapy sessions.

My main goal is to bring you pure relaxation. I use techniques and props such as reiki, singing bowl, crystals, sacred geometry, medicine cards, intuitive skills and listening skills, to help bring forward pure relaxation and healing.

I channel Reiki energy to flow through my body and into my energy field, and then I direct it to surround your energy field, to influence your body’s natural healing abilities.

Using a technique called intuition I am guided to where the reiki is needed, which helps me to read the body and get a feel for what is going on and where the energy wants to be, this can be physical pain, it can be emotional or chakra imbalances.

After the reiki healing, I bring forward the therapy of talking (if you wish) with the use of my counselling concepts skills, I will fully listen and chat in a relaxed, non-judgmental, confidential and healing environment.

It does work differently on everyone and each session, as it works uniquely to the healing needed at that time. I have had clients that feel the difference straight away and others that have felt improvements over time, depending on you. Every one of my clients so far has commented on how relaxing it is.

Relaxation is so important to release stress!

Healing Mind body soul.

Much Love

Demi 💕

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Milton Road, Grimsby, UK

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