The It Started With a Stitch Shop and The Dandy Introvert have recently (October 2023), moved to their new location in Scartho, creating a vibrant little space that you can't miss with its bright pink doors and distinctive appearance.

Gemma started by making hand-stitched handbags in Manchester while studying for a degree in Embroidery. Their emphasis has always been on handcrafted items, with a conscious effort to limit machine work. They have a deep passion for creating pieces of work with their hands and value the connection they have with their creations.

This business combines the traditional skill of hand embroidery with modern designs, infusing them with explosions of color and sparkle. They have a particular affinity for kitsch and twinkly designs, possibly influenced by their grandmother. Additionally, the business explores other traditional crafts, such as crochet and pompom making, aiming to bring them up to date. The owner believes that adding a bit of "craft" can improve just about anything, and they have an eye for unique and playful design.

If you have more specific information or if you'd like to know more about this business, please feel free to ask.



21b Waltham Road, Scartho

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