The Star of Lemuria is your go-to destination for ethically sourced, fully traceable, cleansed, and blessed crystals. Emily, a passionate crystal collector and enthusiast, founded this small business with a deep commitment to responsible sourcing and ensuring the positive energy of every crystal.

Ethical Sourcing: At The Star of Lemuria, ethical sourcing goes beyond just business practice; it's a way of life. Emily takes great care in establishing strong and trustworthy connections with suppliers who are independent and dedicated to maintaining the healing energy of their crystals. Rather than dealing with large corporations, the shop partners with small, family-run mines, ensuring a stable income for these families.

Cleansed and Blessed: Before these exquisite crystals find their way to you, they undergo a sacred process of cleansing and blessings. The Star of Lemuria is dedicated to delivering crystals free from any negative energies, allowing their natural healing properties to shine through.

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Environmental responsibility is also at the core of this business. The Star of Lemuria strives to use recycled boxes and paper for packaging, minimizing their impact on the environment. Even when some crystals require plastic bubble wrap for protection, the shop ensures that it's made from recycled materials obtained from deliveries, never purchasing new bubble wrap.

As you explore The Star of Lemuria, you'll find a growing family of Lemurian crystals, each radiating positive energy and sourced with care. Enjoy the journey of discovering these ethically sourced treasures right here in Grimsby.


53 Cambridge Street, Cleethorpes

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