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This section is dedicated to answering all the questions I have been asked about the Book Club over the year and a half since we launched. A year and a half. I have no clue how that happened. If you’re interested in joining a meeting, please read through the questions below and if there is anything else you would like to know, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Currently Reading:

Weyward by Emilia Hart

Weyward by Emilia Hart

Next Meeting: 5th May 2024

As of January 2024, all book clubs will take place at Vittles, on Brighowgate in Grimsby.

Meetings take place upstairs. Drinks and food can be ordered at the bar, and the awesome staff will direct you where to go.

Most meetings take place on the first Sunday of each month. This might sometimes change due to various reasons.

Meetings always start at 1pm and usually run for an hour.

Absolutely, in fact, this is encouraged. I’ve been known to have a toastie, a sausage roll or a brownie in past book club meetings.

However, don’t feel that you have to eat, sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t…it’s different for each of us.

Weyward by Emilia Hart

No. Whilst it does make conversation easier if we’ve all finished the book, it’s actually very rare that everyone has finished it each month. We all appreciate how busy lives are, alongside the fact that some books are just harder to read than others for a variety of reasons.

I would recommend that you read at least 100 pages.

Absolutely. You don’t need to let me know you’re coming. You are more than welcome to sit and listen.

Nope, just yourself and the book we’re reading, so that you can refer back to it if necessary.

Absolutely. This is highly encouraged. 

We don’t have a Facebook Group, as I was keen to keep conversation off social media (I know a lot of people aren’t keen on social media!), however we do have a WhatsApp group

Feel free to contact me with your phone number if you would like to be added to the group to help you get to know other members of the Book Club prior to a meeting.

Of course. The more the merrier.

Me too. It’s only in the past couple of months that I’ve honestly stopped feeling anxious coming to every meeting.

If you have anxiety, I will do everything I can to make things easier for you, this could include (but is definitely not limited to):

  • Meeting you earlier 
  • Meeting you at the door so that you don’t have to come inside by yourself
  •  Advise where the toilets are
  • Anything else that will help

Yep. Vittles has very kindly given us the space upstairs.

This is a fully private area, and the staff in Vittles will happily point you in the right direction on arrival.

We have quite a wide age range spectrum, however the largest portion are aged between late 20s and early 40s. 

Absolutely all age ranges are welcome.

Nope. Book Club is 100% free. All you need to pay for is any food or drinks from Riverhead Coffee that take your fancy.

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