Aimee Lince: Capturing Precious Wedding Moments through Film and Photography

It’s that time again, yup it is time to introduce you to another brand-spanking new member of Made in Grimsby & Cleethorpes. This time, I want to introduce you to an expert in Film and Photography. That is:

Aimee Lince: Film and Photographer

Aimee Lince is a wedding photographer and filmmaker, covering all areas of Lincolnshire including Grimsby and Cleethorpes.

One of the things that fascinates me, personally, about Aimee’s style of photography is that she really promotes herself in photography that is candid.

What is Candid Photography?

Quite simply, Candid Photography is images that are taken of people who are not posing and are often not 100% aware that the photo is even being taken. The idea behind this style of photography is essentially to capture people in an as natural and unforced a way as possible.

I’ll be honest, when I got married back in 2016, I didn’t hire a wedding photographer. I wasn’t interested in the fake posed style that is generally synonymous with weddings. It didn’t feel right to have images that didn’t fit with my and my partner’s (at the time) personalities. 

Instead, I asked my Mum to take photos and relied on the candid shots from friends and family members.

Yup, you caught it. I wanted the candid style that Aimee offered. I just didn’t know that a professional photographer could offer that service.

What's so good about Candid Photography?

Candid Photography captures people in those “in-between” moments that resonate deeper in the long run. They are the unplanned moments that are often sweet and tender in an unexpected way. 

Capturing the happy shy smile from the Groom as his bride first appears. The gentle sweep of a bride’s hair by her doting Father. The way children interact with one another when they think no one is watching. The cheekiness of the Page Boy. The tears of the best friend.

These are all moments that are lost when the only photos you get are posed.

Why hire a Photographer for photos Friends and Family can do?

I got lucky with my wedding photograph because I had a number of friends and family members who had good photography skills and knowledge. My brother for example had been a keen photographer and received his first “decent” lens for his 18th birthday present. My work colleague had studied Photography at A Level and was an incredibly keen photographer.

So, my photos turned out pretty well. But, as I say…I got lucky. Most people don’t.

The problem is that most people – myself included – are not good photographers. We don’t know how to capture a good shot, from the right angles, how to frame things, we don’t understand lighting and so on…

This means that photos are too dark, too light, out of focus, overexposed or just don’t look like something you would want to look at year after year, or – god forbid – actually frame and display in your home for all the world to see.

But my words can’t say enough for Aimee’s work, only her own photography can truly speak for itself, so here are a few of her pieces…

If this blog post wasn’t enough to persuade you to hire Aimee for your wedding or family photography or videography, then perhaps these facts will help:

  • Aimee was published in The Perfect Wedding Magazine 2022
  • I’m a full member of The Guild of Wedding Photographers
  • She has 100% 5-star reviews on both Facebook and Google

If you would like to hire Aimee for your wedding or family photography, click on the links below.


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