Calling for Action: A Community’s Open Letter to Lia Nici, MP for Great Grimsby

I don’t get into politics very often. I don’t understand a lot of it and most of what I see shown in the media is convoluted chest puffing of middle-aged white men.

Being a woman and a minority in Parliament, you have the ability to be the change. You have the power to stand up for our town and give it the voice it deserves. This is even more important when you are representing a town that is often beaten down.

However, on the 19th October 2021, you chose to vote No on Supporting Small Business.

Research conducted by E Factor states that 89% of businesses in North East Lincolnshire are SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), so that is 89% of the business community that you represent, that you have let down. You were meant to be our voice; our opportunity and you chose to ignore us.

Victoria Street is dying, and the only people who can realistically revive it are those 89% of businesses that you refused to speak up for. Small businesses are the future of Grimsby (and Cleethorpes) and we refuse to be ignored any longer.

We are a strong community of fish mongers, crafters, makers, designers, accountants, photographers, artists, entertainers and so much more. We are battling against the negativity of our town’s history. All we ask is for someone in a position of power, to actually stand up for us and help us to be heard.

Business Rates are too high for small businesses. Rents are unrealistic. Information about grants and other types of funding are confusing or not very well publicised.

You just need to have attended E Factor’s Great Big Small Awards to appreciate the growing importance of small businesses in our area. But you wouldn’t know that, would you Lia? Because you don’t support it. You weren’t there standing behind us. You weren’t clapping for us.

If you won’t fight for us. We will. We stand together and we will make Grimsby Great again.


  • Kat
    21 October 2021 at 12:55 pm


  • Bridget
    21 October 2021 at 1:39 pm

    Thank you for sharing ❤️
    During periods like now, when I’m feeling unwell and a tad emotional, I sometimes have the urge to voice my opinion too madeingrimsby ! You are not alone.
    I for one and one of many like minded people of Grimsby fully oppose the plans to invade the Freshney Valley with a pointless road and a housing development. Lia, you live on the doorstep of this beautiful area of countryside and home to so much wildlife, flora & fauna ! Surely putting your role as an MP aside you would want to fight to save this green space ? !! Support the valiant team of people trying their hardest to save it !! Support Grimsby, let it be known that we are good people and have lots to offer. Let it be known that we have a thriving area of countryside and beautiful coastlines !!
    Support the people who voted for YOU to speak up for us where we cannot !!

    I think it’s also worthwhile mentioning the ever growing business rates that also threaten the life of these essential businesses including that of the Top Town Market. Despite the pledge for a new market venue , where is the support for the market traders and shop keepers who face increasing rates ? Those who still traded during the pandemic to allow people of Grimsby and Cleethorpes access to fresh produce etc !! So come on Lia Nici show your support and back the people of the town YOU represent !!!

  • Janey Bugg
    21 October 2021 at 3:26 pm

    There was a wonderful article in The Guardian this week, a stranger to Grimsby & Cleethorpes visited our towns then reviewed them. There was more positivity, enthusiasm, excitement in that review than I have ever heard spoken by you Lia & you are our MP. If somebody new to the area can clearly see & admire what we have to offer, why can’t you? Why can’t you see that the wonderful array of small independent shops need help to survive? It’s difficult enough encouraging people to visit a town centre that seems desolate on the best of days, these businesses need incentives to stay & try to make a living. Lower business rates should be a no brainer in a town as bereft of decent high street shops as ours.

    Encourage, empower & appreciate those trying to bring life back to Grimsby!!

  • Erik Nielsen
    22 October 2021 at 11:08 am

    I may be wrong or just not in touch but has anyone heard from our MP since elected? What has she done for our area or business since being appointed our MP? The previous MP thought they were untouchable, they found out different on election Day. Take heed Ms Nici

  • Dunn Jo
    22 October 2021 at 2:30 pm

    Our town is depressing, lost, and an embarrassment. The council are throwing money in the wrong direction eg a new bus station when the old one was working well.

    The centre is dead, being tickled with a new waterfront link to the Sainsburys area yet the area around the barge, which was developed to create a buzzing nighttime economy, died long ago.

    Speak to the people of this town, ask them what needs to happen.

    Look around at Louth, Hull, Lincoln even the villages of Horncastle, Caistor and see what they have done – IT WORKS!!!!’

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