Grimsby and Cleethorpes Gift Guide: Gifts to Boost Mental Health and Well-being

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I have been looking forward to writing this Gift Guide since I first announced that I was doing them, because it’s one that, I feel, is incredibly important. We all know how important mental health is, and I’m so glad that it is being taken more seriously.

For me, this category was an opportunity to think outside the box and come up with Christmas Ideas that weren’t conventional but rather gifts that people need in their lives.

These aren’t one-off gifts or gimmicks to try and cheer someone up. These are long-term ideas that will help to boost their mental health.

As such, I am really excited to tell you all about these Grimsby and Cleethorpes-based businesses and the amazing Mindful Gifts they each have to offer…

AP Sports Therapy

AP Sports Therapy.jpg

AP Sports Therapy is run by Amy, who offers sports massage therapy to a variety of clients.

Most of us only think of sports massage for ourselves, when we are in pain. However, it can also make a great gift for a loved one who might be going through a stressful period in their life.

Despite its name, Sports Massage actually isn’t exclusively used by athletes. Absolutely anyone can benefit from it, no matter their activity levels. As such, it can be used for:

  • Injuries

  • Chronic Pain

  • Movement that is restricted

  • Muscular pains

Why would Sports Massage be a Great Gift?

There is a lot of research into the relationship between chronic pain and depression or anxiety, which can work both ways (ongoing pain can cause people to avoid situations as they worry about the pain, whilst long-term anxiety can cause the body to compensate for tense posture which ultimately can cause pain).

BabaRoo Boxes




BabaRoo Boxes.png

If you read my Gift Guide for Kids and Pets, you might have already come across BabaRoo but I thought Lorna fit perfectly into this category as well, because not only does she offer beautiful gifts to cheer someone up, she also offers subscription boxes which make perfect long-term gifts.

What are BabaRoo’s Subscription Boxes?

BabaRoo’s Subscription Boxes are an excellent gift idea if you want to offer something that is more than just a one-off pick-me-up.

Costing £14.99 each month, memberships can be cancelled whenever you want, giving you the freedom to give a gift for as long as you feel will work.

Perhaps your child is in their final year of University and you want to send a monthly gift to help get them through the stressful run-up to exams and dissertation deadlines.

Maybe your best friend is undergoing long-term treatment for health issues and a box will help give them something to look forward each month.

Here’s a few examples of what boxes could include…






G-Fit is an online and in-person personal training service from Meggie Georgina Creed. I’m really glad that there is a fitness service in this guide, because so many people highlight the connection between mental health and physical activity. I’m also really glad that it is Georgina who is featuring in the guide, because she – and I’ve said this so many times before – she cuts through the diet culture bullshit and offers information that is actually useful and motivating.

Her walks with Mabel alone are incredibly motivating.

What Gift can G-Fit offer?

12-Week One-to-One Online Training. For people with depression, anxiety etc getting active isn’t the easiest. We lack motivation and we need someone to keep us in check. This 12-week programme is the perfect initial kick up the bum to help your loved one kickstart a healthier lifestyle.

For me, I know that when I’m at my lowest, the idea of walking into a gym is definitely not going to happen, because I get overwhelmed with feelings of comparing myself to others there. With online training, all of the pressure of performing in front of others is completely removed, helping to build up confidence towards – hopefully – entering the gym.

Find more information about the one-to-one online training here.

Honestly, if anyone wants to gift me this, I would be over the moon 😉

Ginny’s Photography

Ginny’s Photography is a Grimsby-based art gallery that offers a variety of projects including creative workshops, life drawing and open art exhibitions. It might not seem like an obvious choice for a Christmas Gift, but trust me on this one because Ginny’s Photography – as the name might suggest – is also a Photography Studio.

What Gifts can Ginny’s Photography offer?

Many of us hate having our photos taken on a normal day, however when combined with burlesque sessions that are designed to build confidence, photography sessions can do a lot more for someone’s mental health than we might initially give credit for. The sessions will help the individual to own their power and natural beauty that will shine through on camera.

Don’t believe that it will be all good angles and good lighting. It will be more about how the person feels at the time of the photo shoot, no matter your age, body shape or size.

Ginny’s confidence-boosting photography sessions include:

  • Burlesque Boudoir

  • Flower Hoop and Arch

  • Positive Portraits

  • Powder Paint Portraits

  • Full Body Glitter

Tina’s Housekeeping

Tina’s Housekeeping offers a professional range of domestic cleaning services covering Grimsby, Cleethorpes and surrounding areas. They offer everything from regular cleaning and ironing to deep cleaning.

What Gifts can Tina’s Housekeeping offer?

This is another unconventional one, however for a lot of people with depression, a gift voucher from this business could be an absolute sanity saver. If you follow Mrs Hinch, you will know that she is an advocate for using cleaning as way of dealing with mental health issues. Whilst we all handle things in different ways, I know that my own mental health is heavily connected to factors such as cooking and cleaning.

Purchasing a gift voucher for cleaning can be a huge weight off the shoulders for someone with depression.

As you can see, these aren’t the kinds of gifts most of us would ever think of, but they’re all ideas that could help someone more than you might realise.

What other mindful gift ideas can you think of? Leave a comment below letting us all know 🙂


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