Fancy Nancy’s Sweary Words: A Local Artist Spotlight on Cleethorpes’ Bold and Brazen Creator

Well hey, it’s Monday which means I am introducing another business. This week is the first of the winners of my Small Biz 100 Giveaway, and she is a business that I love because she’s a breath of fresh air. I know some people aren’t going to like her work, and you know what? That’s okay, because everything is subjective, but for anyone looking for something a bit quirky or “different”, I give you…

Fancy Nancy

In her application, Megan described her business as “Prints, stickers and badges”, however I feel that she is majorly underselling herself, as she is definitely 100% more than that. She also describes herself as an “Amateur Digital Artist”…but again, if you look at her work, you will see her natural talent with digital art means that she is most definitely a professional!

Here’s some of her work, to prove my point

(WARNING: If you don’t like sweary stuff, you might want to skip this, although you’ll be missing some awesome non-sweaty stuff too!)

Where to Find Fancy Nancy

If you’re local, you can find Fancy Nancy products available from Arttopia, which is located on Grant Street in Cleethorpes. If you’re not local, or prefer shopping online, you can also find her on Etsy.


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