Julie Leam: Unlocking your Potential with Hypnotherapy

The depiction of hypnosis in TV shows and movies tends to be overly dramatic and sensationalised. Despite the common portrayal of mind control, it’s important to recognise that hypnotherapy has the potential to bring about significant and positive changes in the lives of many individuals.

So, let me introduce you to hypnotherapist Julie Leam.

In a world of social media, and high expectations, life can be incredibly overwhelming and riddled with self-doubt, anxiety, and uncertainty. Imagining a life without those things can seem like a lofty aspiration, however, with Julie’s expertise and dedication, that promise of transformation is a lot more attainable than you might think.

Transformation is a word that is often thrown around but rarely realised. Julie Leam, a seasoned practitioner of Clinical Hypnotherapy, is more than just a therapist; she is a guide on your journey to unlocking your true potential. Armed with an impressive array of qualifications including an MA, NHC, and DSFH, Julie utilises her unique abilities to lead you out of the darkness.

Julie’s focus is on solution-focused hypnotherapy meaning that her approach isn’t to just scratch the surface, but rather to delve deep into your core to extract real change from within. This methodology, rooted in the latest insights from neuroscience, propels you forward to create a you that is confident, composed, focused and happy.

In each session, Julie will help you to understand why she is doing things and how those aspects will affect the natural chemicals in the brain. This is great for anyone who likes to know the science behind the methods.

Who are Julie’s Hypnotherapy sessions for?

If you have ever grappled with self-doubt, wrestled with procrastination, or battled relentless anxiety, then Julie is the perfect person to help you. Julie creates a sanctuary that feels warm, welcoming, and safe. She doesn’t dwell on the negatives of your life but rather forces you to focus on what has gone well in your life.

Julie uses gentle dialogue and the power of relaxing trance, to tap into your inner wellspring of resources and self-belief, unveiling the solutions that have eluded you until this point.

You might not notice any changes whilst on your hypnotherapy journey, but trust me when I tell you that your friends and family will.


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