Mardy Jack Clothing: Elevating Your Fashion Game in Grimsby and Beyond

AHHHH! Having to completely re-start a website is always fun (sarcasm fully intended!), especially when you lose all of your blog posts! But, I thought I would start the brand spanking new blog with an introduction to one of our members, which this week is…

Mardy Jack!

I first found myself drawn to this local clothing brand because of their humour. I absolutely love a business that doesn’t take itself too seriously and a business that describes itself as “Professional Rapscallions”? Yeah, that’s definitely my kinda business.

What Mardy Jack is:

“Sustainable and cruelty-free clothing suitable for all adventures. Taking inspiration from the nearby North Sea, we offer unique nautical themed prints delivered in plastic-free packaging.”

What does Mardy Jack sell?

They are an independent clothing business specialising in T-Shirts and Hoodies for Men, Women and Kids, as well as Tote Bags

What Mardy Jack stands for…

Mardy Jack stand for protecting the environment, from condemning the use of single-use plastic (straws, bottles etc) to offering t-shirts that are manufactured from organic cotton where the secret ingredient is cow poo…seriously, apparently it encourages biodiversity.

Where to find Mardy Jack

You can find them on Instagram, Facebook and of course their website, so go check them out. Support local and own a sustainable piece of clothing,


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