From Sketch to Skin: Meet Molly G Pokes, Grimsby’s Talented Handpoke Tattoo Artist

Hi everybody and welcome back to another of my favourite blog posts; an introduction to a brand new member. Molly has been a member for a little over a month now, so you might have already seen me sharing her work on social media however I still want to give her the introduction that she and her business deserve.

In case you haven’t had the joy of seeing her work yet, our newest member is the one and only…

Molly G Pokes

Molly is a Tattoo Artist who specialises in hand poking. If you know me, I have four tattoos on my wrists, shoulder blade and ankle (you didn’t need to know that, but apparently I am a chronic oversharer and I just wanted to highlight that I do have a little knowledge about tattoos), and whilst I have heard of handpicked tattoos, it wasn’t until I read Molly’s listing in the directory that I truly appreciated what it is.

So, What is Hand Poke Tattooing?

Quite simply, Hand Poking involves tattooing the skin without the use of tattoo machines. So instead of using a machine to push the ink into the skin, Molly will do it manually using needles.

The appeal of hand-poked tattoos for many people is the fact that they hurt less than machine tattooing, so this might be ideal if you are nervous about getting your first tattoo or – like me – have a low pain threshold. Or, you might just be attracted to the more old-school methodology of hand poking. However, it should be emphasised that ink is still being pushed into the skin so hand poking will still cause pain, but I think most of us accept that will be the case when we are thinking about getting tattoos. The difference is that the process will cause a less intense sense of pain for you.


FAQ about Molly Gee

If you’re really keen to get a hand poked tattoo from Molly Gee, she is based within Thirty Thieves Tattoo, at 30 Wellowgate in Grimsby.

They are open Tuesday to Saturday 11am – 5pm.

For more details please check out the Thirty Thieves Tattoo website.

You absolutely can follow Molly on social media, and I strongly encourage it to see a wider spectrum of her incredible work.

Molly G Pokes Instagram.

Molly G Pokes Tik Tok.

Yes, Molly does indeed sell some of her artwork, you can find it over on the Molly G Pokes Etsy page.


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