North East Lincs Properties Ltd: The Key to Your Next Home in Cleethorpes

Once upon a time, Grimsby was at the centre of the Fishing Industry, then it became the Food Capital of Europe and today it is the hub of renewable energy. The rise of the renewable industry has also brought an influx of skilled workers coming into the area on fixed contracts, meaning that there is a bigger need for fixed-term rentals of fully furnished properties.


You might be wondering why the heck I am blogging about this, however, this is where our newest member North East Lincs Properties Ltd comes in.

Lisa and Julie’s aim is to offer “a place to rest so you be your best.” and offers various high-quality apartments that are each located within secure, gated settings for added security and peace of mind. As such, their properties are perfect for creating the ideal home away from home.

 To help you decide if their properties are suitable for you and your requirements, here are a few frequently asked questions with more information:

All of the properties are suitable for professionals who might be working on a fixed contract in the Grimsby and Cleethorpes area. 

All of the properties available through North East Lincs Properties Ltd are located within the popular resort town of Cleethorpes.

Yes. All properties let by North East Lincs Properties Ltd are fully furnished which is perfect if you don’t want to buy furniture for a second home or a property that you are not expecting to be living in beyond a fixed term contract.

All of the properties owned by North East Lincs Properties Ltd have two bedrooms, ensuring there is enough space for you and your family and/or guests.

All properties are self-contained, meaning that you will not have to share with other tenants.

Your property will include a kitchen and bathroom as standard.

All of the properties owned by North East Lincs Properties Ltd include private parking space, typically behind gates for extra security.

Looking for more information? You can find Lisa and Julie on LinkedIn or drop them a message.


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