Original Emporium Cleethorpes: A Hub of Creativity and Community Spirit

Originally Written: 23rd August 2021

Updated: 15th September 2023

The Original Emporium is a unique shop located in the heart of Cleethorpes, within walking distance of the main shopping areas of St Peters Avenue and Sea View Street. It’s close to the beach and on several bus routes.

What makes the Original Emporium unique is that it is owned by an independent business (Chelsy of Northerner on the Run) and is run by all the businesses that sell their products here. That means that every time you step through the door, you are greeted and served by someone who has put their heart and soul into the products you are buying.

You don’t get that from a larger chain shop.

Cute Things for Nice People Original Emporium
(image by Chelsy Hutton aka Northerner on the Run)

More than just a shop...

Opening Times

Monday – Sunday

10am – 4pm


53 Cambridge Street, Cleethorpes, DN35 8HD

Oh boy yes! The more doggo walk through the doors, the happier the staff are! All dogs are welcome. 

We even offer treats for good doggos…who are we kidding? All doggos are good doggos!!

No. There are three steps leading up to the shop, meaning that the shop is unfortunately not accessible for most wheelchairs or pushchairs. There is, however, a handrail. Please note that everything has been done to make the entry to the shop as accessible as possible, however, due to the age of the building and the natural angle of Cambridge Street, adding ramps etc has not been possible.

If you are visiting us with a pushchair or pram and would like assistance getting up and down the steps, our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist where possible.

The OE is staffed by our amazing makers. That means that everyone who serves you is a Grimsby or Cleethorpes-based small business who is incredibly passionate about what they do.

So, if you fancy working with us, why not start a small creative business and you never know 🙂

Who will you find at the Original Emporium?

There are currently 30+ creators, makers, artists and talented peeps selling their work through the Original Emporium in Cleethorpes, and those businesses are:

Original Emporium Cleethorpes

“We're more than just a shop.

Every brand has a face. Every product tells a story. Every purchase supports local movers, makers, grooves and shakers!

The Original Emporium supports over 30 small businesses, supplying unique artwork, crafts and bespoke gifts. All at the heart of Cleethorpes!

Whilst you're shopping, say hi to our team of artists and makers that are running the shop each day.

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy local and that's kind of the same...

...so come on in, have a chat and discover something new!


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