Discover the magic of Cleethorpes through Tracy Baines’ inspired storytelling

I’m getting on a role writing these introductory posts because there have been so many businesses joining us recently, which has been fab to see. Today’s is a little different to the “usual” type of business, but I’m sure many of you will have heard of her or seen her books either online or in local bookshops, but in case you haven’t, let me introduce you to…

Tracy Baines

Cleethorpes-born Tracy has written six books, including The Variety Girls series which has been heavily influenced by a childhood living opposite Cleethorpes Pier and working within the town’s performance industry as a young woman. 

Grimsby was the inspiration for her book The Women of Fishers Wharf, an insight into life as a Fisherman’s wife during the early part of the 20th Century, during the height of Grimsby’s fishing industry.


Tracy’s books include:

FAQs about Tracy Baines

You can purchase Tracy Baines’ books from:

Waterstones | Amazon | World of Books

You can of course also purchase her books locally in Grimsby and Cleethorpes. The only place I know for definite that stocks them is the Fishing Heritage Centre in Grimsby.

Yes. Tracy has several books that are not related to either Grimsby or Cleethorpes. They are:

It’s Not About The Food – A glimpse into life as the mother of a child with an eating disorder.

Ruby Slippers – A collection of short stories that might not always have happy endings, but are always uplifting, empowering and positive.

Yes. You can find the Tracy Baines website right here.

You absolutely can follow Tracy on social media, just follow the links below:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Fun Fact

The Variety Girls was Shortlisted for the Romantic Novel Saga Award 2021.

Tracy’s books are the perfect gift for anyone living or from Grimsby or Cleethorpes, either for a birthday or Christmas present, or maybe even a “just because” gift to yourself.


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