From Megan, With Love: We Heart Grimsby

Megan We Heart Grimsby

Were you Made in Grimsby or Made in Cleethorpes?

Made in Grimsby

What's your Favourite thing about Grimsby?

All of it, just everything. There’s nowhere quite like Grimsby.

What's your favourite place in Grimsby and/or Cleethorpes?

The sea front.

What's your favourite Grimbarian slang, and why?

I call everyone mate, like everyone! Definitely a Grimsby thing.

What are you most excited about, for Grimsby's future?

There’s so much, this town is finally getting the chance to join in all those things the bigger towns and cities have had a chance to do. It’s amazing.

What do you think everyone needs to know about Grimsby?

The scope of this town is huge, every walk of life lives here. It’s unique and full of hidden treasures, definitely worth a chance.

What's your favourite childhood place (Grimsby or Cleethorpes)?

Spent every Saturday night with a chippy tea down the seafront, would play for hours on the front. Loved it.

What's your favourite childhood memory (Grimsby or Cleethorpes)?

I was (and possibly still am!) obsessed with the mouse and moon on the front. Used to make my parents drive round and round so I could see it, it’s just classic meggies.

Thanks so much for taking the time to take part Megan. If you would like to take part in the We Heart Grimsby campaign, which will feature both here on the blog as well as over on Made in Grimsby’s Instagram and Facebook, then click here and fill in the form, including a photo of yourself 🙂


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