Why I got involved with Tidewater 3D

Bit of a different blog post today, because I wanted to talk about something a little different for me, and that is…

Why did I get involved with Tidewater 3D?

Tidewater 3D is the passion project of my other half. He has four 3D printers and is incredibly passionate about being part of the 3D printing revolution.

I, on the other hand, know nothing about 3D printing. I find it fascinating, obviously, because who doesn’t feel a little bit fascinated by this voodoo that is 3D printing? But it is completely new territory to me. 

So, why did I decide to get involved?

Of course, there’s an obvious reason:

I wanted to help Chris to build up his business by taking on the tasks that I enjoy doing, that he hates (running the website and social media, handling admin-based tasks etc) so that he could spend his time focusing on what he loves doing…designing and making 3D models.

Then, there is an even bigger – and much more personal – reason.

I speak quite openly about my brother who passed away in 2019. 

Chripps was an uber computer nerd, and having grown up with the computer boom of the 80s, 90s and 00s, he was fascinated by technology. He took an interest in 3D printing specifically before it was “cool” or even that well-known. 

Whilst people like myself brushed 3D printing off as a weird fad for the Crazies, Chripps truly believed that it was the future.

Chripps wasn’t able to see just how far the technology would come in modern life, so it felt important for me to be involved where he couldn’t be.

Interested in 3D printing? Please do take a look at the Tidewater 3D website.


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